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Long Time..

Yea so funny. I had written a post but it got deleted when I tried to fix the photos. Anyway.. Ciao<br />



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i am now to be found at this addess ……… LINK

2 comments March 5, 2006 mixedpearl

Bleh, Ice-hocky.

Notice I been writing a lot bout my pain. Weird how pms does that to me, brings so much pain. The rest of the month I couldn’t feel any better.


Soccer guys knows how to dress, they got style. Ice hockey men really looks like trash. Weird.

Sweden took home Gold appearently. They’re sending live from the capital, they city is full of hockey fans.

this is an image from one part of the city right now:

Gosh I hate hocky.


Boo is at tha gym. Ima spend the rest of the evening cleaning the house. It’s a mess.


Men with a dark deep voice are sexier.


You really should take care of your face skin, men. Unclean pores are so nasty. Yes, those black dots on your face. Gross !

Those strips are really what does best job:

I wouldn’t want a man with gross skin. It isn’t manly just sick. Women really should have higher standars on men, like they do on us. Be hygienically clean, please.

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Power Of Suggestion

I’m a sucker for big romantic gestures.

Power of suggestion. Is really strong. And scientific Proved if there is doubt.


It seems there is just always the same problems. I might not tire quickly but to this extent it

Sitting lonely in silence is stress free.


The above I wrote yesterday ^^ Didn’t publish.
My dog is a thief, just to let you know. lol
He steals something then run like he’s on fire.
And he’s a junkie, I have to hide my lighters or he’ll take them, destroy them to get the gas.
When I was still with my ex the dog ate a plant, drug plant. And the dog used to and still does pick up smaller branches and hold it like it’s a cigg. It’s awful but funny lol.

I have been remodeling my blogspot blog since yesterday. Using beige and brown. My boo hates brown, I think he’s denying his roots o_O. lol anyway

Seems like there’s always something wrong with my comp, and even though I’ve reinstalled win so many times before I have forgot how to do it. So instead I keep downloading those missing DLL’s I get a message bout everytime the computer crash. =)

Well, I know I am never gonna be satisfied with any blog untill I buy my own domain and ish. So I guess I’ll have to do that soon.. But I fear that I won’t get how to use it cause ‘m no expert and I will have bought it for nothing. Guess that holds me back. I don’t really have anyone to help me out.

Boo was out at a bar with a guy from his job yesterday. It is so weird, and I wonder why, but I haven’t been out clubbin one single time without him all the time through we’ve been a coupple. I gotta do something about that, lol.

My mother is affraid my dog is going to snap one day and kill me, because like a week ago I tried get him off the sofa but he bit after me and growled. I still told her I don’t wanna get rid of him untill he actually does hurt me. Perhaps I’m crazy? The dogs father was a mean dog, attacked both other dogs and people. My dog is inbreeded, brother and sister and is mixed with all the badest breeds. Doberman, rottweiler, pitbull and bulldog. Yes I sayd he’s inbreed.

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It’s all about your desire.

I got a Chicken Tahi Saté in the oven ! Dayum I love Thai food.

Boo came over late last night, like 1am. Been shopping together today.

Mother got her second computer running yesterday. She glad ofc cause now she got hers for her self.

Mad sleepy as always, duno why.

I believe tha spring is coming on, sun is melting tha snow. Finally.

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An unecissary post.

omg, boredom strikes. Been so bored for a few hours basically just staring into the blue. I’m tired of the telly and anything on the computer. I haven’t felt this bored since school days, I’m reminded by the feeling. I was thinking of pickin up a book but I don’t have the energy.

I got themunches.. will cook something. Fries may be all I have in the fridge, calories. Speaking of calories I haven’t worked out today. Been thinkin of it, but haven’t been up for this.

Oh this is an unecissary post.

3 comments February 24, 2006 mixedpearl

pearl …

Yeah, I think a lot.

My honey says I know the most pointless things.

Pointless to him yes, not to me.

Everything is so different for everyone.

My brother made a comment that people spend their lifes learning about things and then they die and don’t got no need of it all.

Yes it’s true. But to some learning is a passion as for example painting was to him years ago.


When a man makes a comment to a woman that she is cocky when she simply speaks her mind that is really a sign that his mind is really behind in the change and developement of society and the century. It was my brother who sayd that to me but he also complimented that and sayd it was good. But still.. it isn’t being cocky. You get a MINUS for that one!

I really can’t understand how women could have taken being treated like second best for a so incredibly long time. I’m glad I live in this day and age, when things are changing. It’s all just about that we need to take more place, be louder, say no.

Well, just a lil blogging… Ciao

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mixed …

Tonights dream: I got sick, probably the flue or something.

I am actually disturbed from columns in mags when I see a question like “How do I give the best oralsex?”. I don’t have anything against that activity but why so eager to learn from a sexologian. Like.. why wanna become best on that. People compete with sex too much.

Personally.. I don’t want a man that’s THAT into sex. Sex is just a part of everything, and not number one.

Haha, another article in another section made me laugh:

Do you and your partner match clothes? Amatures! In China there are coupples that get them selfs same looking noses.

My cat don’t like kisses but I do. Unfortunate for her =). Hehe.. she wants to lay on my thighs when I’m by the comp and I HAVE to kiss her forehead. That makes her leave.

I so looong for the spring. I was suppose to meet my boo in the city for lunch.. but I don’t feel so well. I feel bad that I let him down though. Even though he is understanding.

I want my bellybutton pierced.

1 comment February 24, 2006 mixedpearl

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